Black Whipping Dog Leather Mask

Black Whipping Dog Leather Mask

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You just got consent from your partner to turn her into your pet. Perhaps, she also felt that your sex life is turning bland and that pet play might give it a little spice. But you don't think she's ready to go on full-doggy mode and wear enclosed masks.

Don't worry because you can take baby steps. As such, you can start with something cute and less intimidating, like this Whipping Dog Leather Puppy Mask.

Masks have different uses in our lives. For one, they can hide someone's identity, and some can protect us against contagious diseases. On the other hand, for some kinksters, masks give them a new role. While there are masks that can completely transform a person's head and remove the sub's senses, some can be less menacing and are more suitable for beginners.

This Whipping Dog Leather Puppy Mask resembles the features of a dog's face. It has pointy ears and a design that looks like a snout. But since it can only cover the upper half of the face, your sub can still breathe, hear, and talk. It also has eyeholes, so your pet can still witness how relentless of a dom you are. Finally, it has a stretchable band to keep the mask secure on your partner's face.

It may be a mask for beginners, but it will still look good with other accessories. For example, making a pet wear a collar is a way of branding one as your own. A leash, a dog costume, or a tail butt plug can also make the experience feel more realistic. However, don't forget to ask for your partner's approval before adding more restraints or pieces to your play. If your sub feels uncomfortable, it will take away the excitement of your pet play.

They say you have to walk before you run. The same thing applies to roleplaying. So, take the first step and add this to your cart now!

Color Black and Red
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference: Stretchable