Freaky Latex Facial Mask
Freaky Latex Facial Mask
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Freaky Latex Facial Mask

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Thriller movies—who doesn’t get scared of it? It’s pretty impossible not to get goosebumps or scream so loud whenever you watch this movie genre. But it’s a different case with you. Instead of getting shocked, it turns you on big time. It makes your cock as hard as a rock when you hear your girlfriend scream. That’s why you always watch thriller movies when you’re in the mood for sex.

This time, however, it’s impossible to watch a movie with her. It’s not that you won’t be in the same place together on your date night; it’s because you and your honey will spend it outdoors. You will go on a camping trip to celebrate your anniversary. And since you will be in the wild, getting a signal will be pretty hard.

Here’s a solution for you. Why not get a mask that will make your lover shriek? And when you’re looking for one, this Handmade Freaky Latex Facial Mask is your perfect choice! Put it on and surprise your honey while wearing this. It will make her scream because of fear and squeal because of pleasure.

An accessory made of latex, this black mask looks intimidatingly good. It has tiny holes in the eye areas with two nostrils and a mouth. The small holes limit light passage, making it difficult to see things, especially when you’re in the dark. The nostrils—on the other hand—let you breathe with ease. Meanwhile, the mouth area lets you talk and groan while wearing it. It can also be a gateway to oral bliss since you can stick out your tongue to it or slip your junk into the opening until it reaches the wearer’s throat. Hence, it’s safe to say that this mask isn’t just for Doms but for subs, too!
Add thrill and excitement to your date nights. Get this Handmade Freaky Latex Facial Mask now!

Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Head Circumference:
XS – 20.08 inches
S – 21.26 inches
M - 22.44 inches
L – 23.23 inches
XL – 24.01 inches
XXL – 25 inches
Neck Circumference:
XS – 13.98 inches
S – 14.57 inches
M - 14.57 inches
L – 15.55 inches
XL – 16.14 inches
XXL – 16.14 inches