See No Evil Leather Rabbit Mask BDSM

See No Evil Leather Rabbit Mask BDSM

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Lights off or lights on? Lights off, of course! In the darkness, there's a mystery. In the absence of light, your senses are heightened. No wonder you have blindfolds in your closet because, apart from the surprises, they make your sexy time blissful! But instead of using commonplace blindfolds and eye masks, put on the all-new See No Evil Leather Rabbit Mask. This bunny-inspired eye cover will surely make every intimate moment sizzling hot.

Look sexy while your eyes are wide shut as this leather mask looks simple yet elegant. Be all ears with this rabbit mask because this cute pair of ears will never droop. They will also stay in place no matter what since they are attached securely with alloy rivets. The shape of the mask will ensure that your eyes are fully covered, leaving you groping in darkness temporarily.

Made of smooth leather, this eye mask is great for prolonged use. And since it's super comfy, you can stay focused on the stimulations your partner is giving you. Relish all the sensual pleasure as your partner pampers you with delicious surprises. Hot wax or ice cubes? Ice cream or whipped cream? Clamps or vibrators? You've got no clue! And that's the fun part.

Elegance doesn't always come with intricate details; it is sheer simplicity that brings it out. This black rabbit eye mask may look plain, but its superb quality stands out. Made of high-quality synthetic leather, it will surely last when given proper care and maintenance. To clean it, wipe it down with a damp cloth, and when it's dry, rub a few drops of baby oil on its surface. The oil will serve as a protective layer while making the mask look new.

When it comes to pleasure, you've got to feel more instead of seeing more. Keep your eyes shut with this rabbit mask, and take delight in things that you cannot see. Buy now and indulge soon!

Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: NA
Circumference/Thickness: NA